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About Jenny Reh

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I started working at the age of 12. I had a single mom. Our family of three could afford little more than basics. If we wanted designer jeans, we worked for them...ourselves.  At a young age, I developed a keen eye for luxury goods. Growing up with toys from the dollar store, I had a good sense for quality control (and lack thereof). I valued products that were built to last.

As I approached my early 20s, my budget allowed for only a few outfits per year. I saw the importance of having clothes and accessories that could be carried from season-to-season. I needed clothes and accessories that were timeless in design, be worn for any occasion (with any outfit), any time of year. 
When I finally reached my 30s, I was a well-established stylist. I could finally afford seasonal products from boutiques. However, the frugal shopper in me did not want to pay $100 for a necklace. I was also unwilling to compromise on product quality. 
My vision for Jenny Reh was born from the desire to bring timeless, long lasting, and high-quality pieces to all my smart shoppers at an affordable price. I hand select each piece of jewelry to create chic looks that last from season-to-season. Our desirable & affordable jewels have an enduring ability as you transition from the board room to boot camp...never worrying about tarnish or wear. The timeless quality of our jewels allow you to layer our pieces together harmoniously or wear them as an elegant single.

Jenny Reh jewels enhance your own unique personality and style while evoking confidence, raising standards, and elevating your look. We want you to shine bright like the star you are!


Our Customers-first philosophy

We firmly believe that our customer deserve more choices, straight forward information, & legendary customer service. Customer service & your satisfaction are our top priorities. If you are unhappy in any way, let us know we want to make it right. Our team is driven to provide the best possible experience that is easy, convenient, and fun for our busy gals. 


Jenny Reh is a brand that creates timeless everyday jewelry for the busy gal who wants to feel cute while in sweatpants or dressed up!

We aim to empower strong, independent women through timeless, high quality hand selected accessories are water resistant so you can go from the office to happy hour.

Our accessories elevate confidence and drive - just what our game-changers need to soar daily while creating your own unique style. Our timeless pieces complement each other making life easier for our go getters. 


We want our stars to shine bright while having the confidence to create the life you want, and express your unique self in our fashionable pieces. 


Bringing key pieces and timeless designs, we continue to uphold our commitment to innovation, quality and excellence -- guiding principles that set us apart and enable us to continue pushing forward.